Happy Gut. Happy Mind Program

60 Day program to help you understand your mind-gut connection. Clear gut symptoms and create a calmer, happier mind.

Imagine being symptom-free, feeling happier and calmer.

Repair + Restore

Over 50 recipes for healing the mind-gut connection, targeted to heal your gut, support a healthy microbiome and our happy brain chemicals.

Strengthen Gut + Mind

Guided Mindfulness and Gut-directional Hypnotherapy, linking the missing gap between the gut and brain.

Be Symptom Free + Happy

You find clarity! Eliminate bloating, constipation, IBS, anxiety, PMS and low mood by knowing how to make these lifelong changes.

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Become a part of our HGHM program. Join me for 60 days to repair and nourish your gut-mind connection and learn where your symptoms come from and exactly how to repair and nourish your gut-mind connection.

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Hi I'm Sarah,

I developed the HGHM (Happy Gut. Happy Mind) Program from 12 years of clinical experience as a Naturopath + Nutritionist. I am passionate about the human gut and its microbiome relating to the mind, autoimmunity, fertility, and women’s health.

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Over 50 recipes for healing the mind-gut connection

Heal your gut, support a healthy microbiome and boost your happy brain chemicals.

Weekly Plan + Recipes

Start each week with a shopping list, recipes and food plan. Recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and designed to be quick family-friendly meals. 

Over 50 recipes designed by Naturopath & Nutritionist Sarah Nankervis are targeted to heal your gut, support a healthy microbiome (gut bacteria) and support our happy brain chemicals.

Learn + Implement

Learn about why your gut and brain are connected and how we can repair and heal this connection to support IBS, Auto-immune diseases, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, mood disorders, PMS and much more. Be empowered by knowledge and food. 

We check in weekly through a LIVE Q+A session to give you the best support to achieve your goals over the 60 day program.

Breath + Smile

Linking the missing gap between the gut and brain, you will receive weekly mindfulness guidance and guided meditation sessions with our meditation teacher.

Our very own Mind-Gut Clinical Psychologist will also provide you with guided Gut Directional Hypnotherapy which has been shown to be effective in reducing IBS + digestive symptoms.

Become Part Of The Happy Gut Happy Mind Program

You find clarity! Bloating, constipation, IBS, anxiety, PMS and mood changes without knowing why? If you’ve been struggling with not quite knowing what to do or feeling stuck with your symptoms, it will become crystal clear within the first module what has been missing and what you can do to feel more balanced in your gut health and mind.

Create your own health and happiness?

Feeling like you have tried everything? Do you feel stuck as you want to feel better but are not sure where to start? Over 8 weeks you will learn why your symptoms are there and how you can be symptom-free with a calmer + happier mind.

Have you ever had a ‘gut-wrenching’ experience? Do certain situations make you feel nauseous? Have you ever felt ‘butterflies’ in your stomach? We use these expressions for a reason. Our gut is sensitive to emotions: anger, anxiety, sadness, happiness – all of these feelings (and others) can trigger symptoms in the gut and vice versa.

The very thought of eating can release the stomach’s digestive juices before food even gets to the mouth! Have you ever thought about lemons and your mouth watered? This connection goes both ways. An anxious gut can send signals to the mind just as an anxious mind can send signals to the gut.

As a Naturopath the philosophy from Hippocrates “All Disease begins in the gut” is cemented in our practice and as research and studies are now confirming there is a direct correlation between our gut health, nutrient deficiencies and a range of inflammatory/immune disorders and diseases and the Mind-Gut connection is real and so important in supporting a healthy mind. 

Weekly Modules + Bonus Modules

Let’s look at exactly what you’ll learn inside the program:

1.1 Week One Menu - Eliminate + Repair

1.2 Gut Mind Overview

1.3 Belly breath to “switch on “rest and restore” nervous system

1.4 Mindfulness + Meditation

1.4 Deep Rest Meditation

Live Q + A with Sarah 

2.1 Belly Breath Daily Practice

2.2 Week Two Menu - why we chose these foods

2.3 Gut Physiology

2.4 Microbiota

2.5 Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis

2.6 Deep Rest Meditation

Live Q + A with Sarah

3.1 Belly Breath Daily Practice
3.2 Week Three Menu - why we chose these food

3.3 Dysbiosis
3.4 Leaky Gut +  Leaky Gut Quiz 

3.5 SIBO + Parasites

3.6 Fungal Overgrowth

3.6 Food Intolerances

3.7 Deep Rest Meditation

Live Q + A with Sarah

4.1 Belly Breath Daily Practice

4.2 Week Four Menu - why we chose these food

4.3 Our Gut Mind Connection

4.4 Your Nervous system and Mediators of the Mind-Gut Connection

4.5 Neurotransmitters

4.6 Meditation and its impact on Mind-Gut connection 

4.7 Self Love Meditation

Live Q + A

5.1 Belly Breath Daily Practice

5.2 Week Five Menu - why we chose this food

5.3 Mental health - anxiety, stress, depression

5.4 Gut Mind Psychology

5.5 Lifestyle and stress

5.6 Environmental factors

5.7 Gut-directional Hypnotherapy Guide

5.8 Hypnotherapy - guided hypnotherapy

 Live Q + A with Sarah

6.1 Belly Breath Daily Practice

6.2 Week Six Menu - why we chose these food

6.3 Why is healing the gut lining so important

6.4 Diet and Nutrition

6.5 Hormones and Thyroid function

6.6 Hypnotherapy - guided hypnotherapy

7.1 Belly Breath Daily Practice

7.2 Week Seven Menu - why we chose these food

7.3 Food to support mediators of Mind-Gut Connection

7.4 Happy Gut Happy Mind - food and lifestyle plan

7.5 Hypnotherapy - guided hypnotherapy

LIVE Q + A with Sarah

8.1 Belly Breath Daily Practice

8.2 Week Eight Menu - why we chose these food

8.3 The Fermentation process

8.4 Why our gut loves fermented foods

8.5 Fermented foods - Special Guest Q + A

8.6 BONUS Fermenting recipes

8.7 Hypnotherapy - guided hypnotherapy


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